8 Week Guided Online Group  Class Begins

Monday, October 12th 

Keto Phase 2

A new simple program to get you healthy, burn fat and become the best version of you

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Prep Week 

Getting Ready

  • Getting started & why this will be different

  • Cleaning out your kitchen 

  • Setting your goals & intentions

  • Where do you hold your weight

  • Detox shopping list

  • Recipes for detox week

  • Helpful supplements for your body type

Week #1

Pretox Week 

  • Keto 101 an overview (keto, ketosis, must have foods, macro, tracking foods, keto flu, measuring progress)

  • Prepare your liver for fat burning

  • Liver cleansing foods & drinks

  • Quick detox meal prep strategies

  • Mind hack #1 Deleting your sabotaging programs

Week #2 

Keto Secrets

  • What to eat  & how to track it

  • Why you need fat to burn fat

  • Your fat guide

  • Banish sugar craving hacks & food swaps

  • Foods that will balance your hormones, improve your sleep, clear your mind, boost your energy

  • Mind hack #2: Your vibrational frequenc

Week #3

How To Become A Fat Burner

  • How to hack your metabolism

  • Your health ^ body type

  • Removing hidden sugars

  • Health imbalances that interfere with fat burning

  • Mind hack #3: Your thoughts

Week #4

Keto Myths & Challenges

  • Keto, blood pressure & cholesterol

  • Your genes & your health

  • Weight gain & keto

  • Keto & diabetes

  • Mind hack #4: Your story

Week #5

Weight Loss Blocks & How To Fix Them

  • The difference between fat adapted & ketosis & why you're not there

  • Exercise pros & cons

  • Hormones & stress

  • Food allergies & inflammation

  • Testing ketones

  • Mind hack #5: Your mind movie

Week #6

Finding Your Personalized Version of Keto

  • Find your carb tolerance

  • Adjusting your fat intake

  • Your protein intake for fat loss, hormone balance, healing & stress

  • Your why, your story, choosing your hard

  • Uncover emotional connection to self sabotaging your progress & diet mentality

  • Mind hack #6: Disrupting your default mode

Week #7 

Hormones: The Key to Weight Loss & Your Perfect Health

  • Thyroid: the most overlooked cause of weight loss resistance and depression

  • Adrenals: connection to stubborn belly fat, sleep, stress & how to fit it

  • Sex Hormones: simplify  & understand fertility, PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, menopause, acne, hot flashes

  • Gut Health: bloating, constipation, GERD, food sensitivity, autoimmune and weight loss resistance, depression

  • Mind hack #7: Your avatar

Week #8

Keto for Life & Advanced Strategies

  • How to create long term success

  • Should I try intermittent fasting, OMAD or carnvore

  • Stress reduction strategies

  • It's not all about the food

  • Advanced lab tests

  • Mind hack #8: Not easier but better

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