8 Week Online Program

Keto Phase 2

A new simple program to get you healthy, burn fat and become the best version of you

An 8 week meal and mindset transformation class designed for ladies to find their personalized version of Keto. 

Most people rely on sugar as their fuel source. When we rely on sugar we are constantly eating and depend on breads, sweets, as our fuel source. When we don't have it available our blood sugar drops and we get moody, hangry (hungry and angry), intense sugar carb cravings, insulin and cortisol spikes that create many health conditions. However, when we train our body to use fat as fuel, the magic happens!! 

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Are you ready to become a fat burner?

How would you feel if you could go all day with energy, no sugar cravings or need for an afternoon nap? Instead you would feel endless energy, happy, mental clarity and hopeful!!!
This what the Keto Lifestyle for Women is all about!! You can start to see the change within a couple of weeks!
And guess what?  The best part about this is you have other women to support you and a nurturing environment to help you have a great relationship with food and stop the yo-yo dieting.  This program is designed to help you find your personalized eating plan, shift your mindset so that you can also flourish in all other areas of your life!  It's a program that you can actually feel good about and finally feel empowered for life long changes.

What keto can help with:  

~ Adrenal Fatigue          ~ Anxiety          ~Blood Sugar Balance         ~ Brain Fog          ~Mood Swings             ~ Low Sex Drive

~ Irregular Cycles          ~ IBS                ~ Hormone Imbalance         ~ Weight Loss        ~Mental Clarity          ~ Autoimmune Conditions

~ Improved Sleep          ~PMS               ~ Bloating & GI Issues         ~ Less Pain            ~ Skin, Nail & Hair     ~ Sugar & Carb Cravings

So if your ready to heal your body, get rid of your sugar cravings, feel amazing and become a fat burning machine, let's get started!

What's Included

  • 8 weekly modules with videos, audios, and pdf guides
  • Keto lady food tracker
  • Sample meal plans
  • Easy keto recipes
  • Pretox recipes
  • Private membership site
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Private Facebook group for connection and encouragement from other awesome ladies
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Prep Week  

Getting Ready

  • Getting started & why this will be different 

  • Cleaning out your kitchen

  • Setting your goals & intentions

  • Where do you hold your weight

  • Detox shopping list

  • Recipes for detox week

  • Helpful supplements for your body type

Green Shake

Week #1

Pretox Week

  • Keto 101 an overview (keto, ketosis, must have foods, macros, tracking foods, keto flu, measuring progress)

  • Prepare your liver for fat burning

  • Liver cleansing foods & drinks

  • Quick Detox Meal Prep Strategies

  • Mind hack #1: Deleting your sabotaging programs

Coconut Delight

Week #2

Keto Secrets

  • What to eat & how to track it

  • Why you need fat to burn fat

  • Your fat guide

  • Banish sugar craving hacks & food swaps

  • Foods that will balance your hormones, improve sleep, clear your mind, boost your energy

  • Mind hack #2: Your vibrational frequency

Cooking Eggs

Week #3

How To Become a Fat Burner

  • How to hack your metabolism

  • Your health & body type

  • Removing hidden sugars

  • Health imbalances that interfere with fat burning

  • Mind hack #3: Your thoughts

Female Athlete

Week #4

Keto Myths & Challenges

  • Keto, blood pressure & cholesterol

  • Your genes & your health

  • Weight gain & keto

  • Keto & diabetes

  • Mind hack #4: Your story

Patient on Scale

Week #5

Weight Loss Blocks & How To Fix Them

  • The difference between fat adapted & ketosis & why you're not there

  • Exercise pros & cons

  • Hormones & stress

  • Food allergies & inflammation

  • Testing ketones

  • Mind hack #5: Your mind movie


Week #6

Finding Your Personalized Version of Keto 

  • Find your carb tolerance

  • Adjusting your fat intake

  • Your protein intake for fat loss, hormone balance, healing & stress

  • Your why, your story, choosing your hard

  • Uncover emotional connection to self sabotaging your progress & diet mentality

  • Mind hack: #6 Disrupting your default mode


Week #7

Hormones: The Key to Weight Loss & Your Perfect Health

  • Thyroid: the most overlooked cause of weight loss resistance and depression

  • Adrenals: connection to stubborn belly fat, sleep, stress & how to fix it

  • Sex Hormones: simplify & understand fertility, PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, menopause, acne, hot flashes

  • Gut Health: bloating, constipation, GERD, food sensitivity, autoimmune & weight loss resistance, depression

  • Mind Hack #7: Your avatar

keto logo 3.jpg

Week #8

Keto for Life & Advanced Strategies

  • How to create long term success

  • Should I try intermittent fasting, OMAD or carnivore

  • Stress reduction strategies

  • It's not all about the food

  • Advanced lab tests

  • Mind hack #8: Not easier but better