• Portion size (video)

  • Cruciferous vegetables (handout)

  • Testing Ketones (handout, video)

  • Daily calendar template (handout)

  • Dr. Linda complete blood test (handout)

  • Dirty dozen & clean 15 produce (handout)

  • What are fat bombs & 45 insane delicous recipes (handout)

  • More fat bomb recipes (handout)

  • 7 Things women should know when starting keto (handout & audio)

  • How to avoid the keto flu (handout)

  • Healthy Keto swaps (handout)

  • Dirty dozen endocrine disruptors (handout)

  • Xenoestrogens and how to avoid them (handout)

  • The river of change sample on video (handout)

  • MCT oil vs. coconut oil, which is better (handout)

  • Louise Hay symptoms list (handout)

  • 59 reasons sugar ruins your health (handout)

  • Best fish choices (handout)

  • How to transition to carnivore (handout)

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Video Portion Sizes
Video Testing Ketones
Baking Soda Test
How to Add More Fats for Weight loss & Hormone Balance
How to Make Green Beauty Cleansing Drink
Quick Keto Meal Ideas
Keto Coffee, bullet proof coffee, skinny cofee

The river of change