Week #5  Fat Burning Strategies

Class Objectives

  • Fat adapted vs. ketosis

            Audio 1

  • How do I know if I am fat adapted, handout #1

  • Testing for ketones & benefits of ketosis, handout #2 ,                         check out video below 

  • What are exogenous ketones

             Audio 2 

  • The truth about dairy 

             Audio 3

  • How much exercise & type for your body type, handout #3

  • Sample Menu Plan With Recipes handout #4

  • Tracking Your Food Journal  handout #5 

  • Guided meditation to remove the old beliefs 

             Audio 4

How To Test For Ketones


  • Body: Commit tracking your steps/movement for accountability to self

  • Mind: Create a play list that will boost your good mood and inspire you to dance, laugh, feel care-free and live a passionate life

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