Week #4  Know Your Why

& Get  Results

Class Objectives

  • Learn about your why , HERE   (audio 1)

  • What are your potential re-occuring road blocks HERE

  • Creating your vision and have your road map, Video below

  • It's not all about the food  (audio 2)

  • Let's talk more about FAT, HERE   (audio 3)

  • The food connections to your emotions (audio 4)

  • Release emotions connected to your food addictions , HERE  and Video below

  • MCT oil vs. coconut oil  (audio 5)

  • Weight loss resistance & other challenges, HERE

  • Sample Menu Plan With Recipes HERE

  • Tracking Your Food Journal  HERE or use MyFitnessPal 

Creating Your Vision & Road Map Video

EFT Releasing Emotional Food Connections


  • Body: Commit to 30 minutes of walking 4-5 days a week

  • Mind: Be mindful of 3 thoughts/emotions you want to change & practice them daily 

Keto Class 4 Video

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