Week #3  Keto Myths & Moving Through Road Blocks!

Class Objectives

  • Additional Keto Hacks & Strategies  

  • Is Cholesterol & Fat Really Bad, HERE

  • Why Do Some People Gain Weight With Keto

  • Sleep & Keto HERE

  • No Motivation - Now What

  • Finishing What You Start

  • Sample Menu Plan With Recipes HERE

  • Tracking Your Food Journal  HERE &  or use MyFitnessPal 

  • Dr. Sinatra, M.D. Let's Clear Up Cholesterol Confusion Once & For All, HERE

Dr. Sinatra On Cholesterol
Why Cholesterol Increases

Mini -signments

  • Body: Write out a 1 day meal plan for your macros

  • Mind: What is 1 new habit you can create to be the new you

Keto Class 3 Video

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