8 Week Group 

Lake Havasu

Class Enrollment Now Open

Keto Phase 2

A new simple program to get you healthy, burn fat and become the best version of you

Class starts Monday

January 13, 2020 @ 5:30pm,

Premier Health & Wellness

30 S. Acoma Blvd. #202

Lake Havasu City, AZ

A $1297 Value, Now only $225
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Week #1 

Meet & Greet

  • What to expect in your 8 week journey

  • Meet your accountability partners

  • What is Keto

  • Discover your hormonal body type

  • Your shopping list & resources

  • Must haves before you start

  • Helpful supplements for your body type

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Week #2 

Ready, Set & Go

  • Understanding macros & calories

  • Calculating your macros & calories for your goals

  • Keto food swaps

  • Quick meal prep ideas

  • Avoiding the keto flu

Coconut Delight

Week #3 

Keto Myths & Moving Through Road Blocks

  • No motivation?

  • Finish what you start

  • Sleep & keto

  • Is cholesterol really bad?

  • Why some may gain weight in keto

Rustic Beach Path

Week # 4 

Know Your Why & Get Results

  • Learn about your why

  • What are your potential re-occurring road blocks

  • It's not all about the food

  • Let's talk about FAT

  • MCT vs. Coconut Oil

  • Why can't I lose weight

  • The food connections to your emotions & releasing them

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Week #5 

Fat Burning Strategies

  • Fat adapted vs. ketosis

  • How do I know if I am fat adapted

  • Testing for ketones

  • What are exogenous ketones

  • How much exercise & type for your body type

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Week #6 

Your Personalized Eating Plan & Lifestyle

  • Finding your carb tolerance

  • Intermittent fasting

  • Fat burning strategies

  • Creating rituals

  • Stress - the connection to healing & weight loss


Week #7

Your Gut & Hormones - How To Heal Them With Keto

  • Hormones connection to weight

  • Signs of exhausted adrenals

  • Sleep connection to hormones

  • Using keto to optimize your gut

  • How to take care of your thyroid

A Tower of Stones

Week #8 

Keto As A Lifestyle

  • How to do keto for life

  • Other tools for your keto lifestyle

  • Traveling & Keto

  • Detox strategies

  • Enjoy the journey and be the best version of you

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It's Your journey

Enjoy it!!

  • You will feel confident about your new lifestyle

  • You will know when it's time to change your eating strategies

  • You will know what tests you need to continue your health journey