Keto Lifestyle For Women

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A Woman's Approach To Keto Because Women Are Different

It's Time To Have A Love Relationship With Your Body, Food & Feel Amazing!

About Me

Hi! I'm Linda, a Holistic Nutritionist, Chiropractic Doctor, Author, Speaker, Fitness Trainer, Women's Wellness Expert and Relentless Health Seeker.

I grew up with a natural approach to health that included visits to the Chiropractor, herbal tea remedies, and having Jack Lalanne as my mentor. I discovered the gym by 12 years old and unfortunately also became a chronic dieter. I have tried virtually every diet out there, so I could look like the models, movie stars and of course influenced by MTV, as to what a man wanted his women to look like and yep I bought into all that. Sadly we are still buying into that with the additional force of social media telling you what young girls, ladies and women should look like!


I created a distorted relationship with food and my body at such a young age and finally in my 5th decade of life, I feel I have a better relationship with my body and definitely food!! What changed my life was the gradual transition of starting the Paleo diet (25 years ago before it was branded as Paleo) into a ketogenic diet and lifestyle personalized for the demands and needs of my body's chemistry. 

My mission is to empower women by helping them get to the root cause of their health issues, discover the right eating plan/diet (Ketogenic, Paleo) as their super fuel,  have a great relationship with food, learn to love themselves and enjoy the journey in becoming the best version of themselves. I hope you will be part of my mission and discover how beautiful this journey can be!



I help women find their personal version of the keto diet & lifestyle that will allow them to burn fat, feel great and be the best version of themselves!

What Is The Keto Diet?

The ketogeninc diet (keto for short) is a high fat, moderate protein, low-carbohydrate diet that helps shift the body to use fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates (sugar). When you burn fat as fuel, the weight comes off, energy & mental clarity improves  & you feel AMAZING!

Why Is Keto Different For Women?

Keto for women is so different!!!  The goal of the keto diet is to get into a state of ketosis (using fat as fuel) which is dependent on hormones. Hormones are the language of communication in the body and fluctuate a lot in women than men!! We have to adjust the amount and type of food we differently.  

What Is The Keto Lifestyle For Women

I am tired of the word diet! It has a negative connotation to it. The keto lifestyle is focused on real food, nurturing your mind, body and soul. It's about learning to love you and your life.  It's a way of life!